Mediatized Warfare

Mediatization, defined as a deepening interrelationship between digital media and society, engenders higher-order processes of societal transformation. These processes predicate the emergence of hybrid social domains, reflexively connected through their reliance on digital technologies. Mediatized warfare is one such hybrid domain – present-day digital media inevitably shape individual and public perceptions of wartime realities, whereby civilian actors can participate in sociotechnical networks surrounding military conflicts, altering public perceptions of war. My research presents a social inquiry into mediatized warfare: setting digitally-networked activism against the backdrop of a military conflict, I explore people’s practices in mobilizing grassroots resistance against a military threat.

Battlefront Assemblages: Civic Participation in the Age of Mediatized Warfare (dissertation committee: Jennifer Stromer-Galley (chair), Jackie Orr, Jeff Hemsley, Bryan Semaan, Brian Taylor, Tanya Lokot).


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Theorizing the Web 2018 (#TtW18)

Mediatizing War: Digital Media and the Battlefronts (art-presentation)