Vox Missing Chapter

Vox Missing Chapter is an award-winning video series that sheds light on overlooked historical events deep within marginalised communities. These videos cover events that are rarely included in history textbooks but have shaped the world around us and left lasting economic, social, and psychological ramifications.

How Stalin Starved Ukraine” is an outcome of our collaboration with senior Vox producer Ranjani Chakraborty. The documentary was inspired by the essay I wrote for Meg Conley’s homeculture newsletter, Hidden Bread and Hidden Histories. In it, I share my family’s history of surviving the Holodomor to contextualise the contemporary events and developments in Ukraine. This video utilises (auto)ethnographic storytelling based on original oral history recordings and photographs made by my father and preserved in our family.

By centering on voices from underrepresented communities and incorporating their signature approach to animation, original interviews, and archival images, Vox have created an experiment in retelling history — with the goal of making space for survivors, descendants, and those personally connected to share their stories. You can watch this Missing Chapter Documentary below: