Teaching Evaluations

Selected comments from students:

“Olga is really great at helping us understand a difficult topic. She [is] always open to hearing you out and providing necessary feedback. She [is] great at explaining and giving us outside examples to get us to think outside the box and make connections with real-life experience. She [is] really great at giving clear and concise detailed feedbacks. Her feedbacks helped me a lot and allowed me to improve in my essay”

“She expressed her erudite knowledge in data and technical field, combined with concrete understanding of current situation in how data is being used. Fantastic.”

“Very relatable and compassionate. Brings an interesting, more worldly view to the classroom.”

“She clearly puts forth effort and passion. During the classes she led, she had good presentations.”

“Very understanding and listens well. Super organized and good at teaching in an engaging way.”

“She is a great teacher-explains clearly and cares about students.”

Full teaching evaluations available upon request.